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Rock Band 2 Midnight Release

Rock Band 2 Midnight Release date rumors are flying thick. Lets see what I have been able to dig so far.

A few management selected Best Buy stores in the country (United States) will be opening up their doors early AM next Tuesday for the launch of a little yet somewhat modestly popular game called Rock Band. Best Buy is encouraging gamers to line up (we guess they were right) late Monday evening at participating stores for all the Rock Band launch fun and festivities. And even if you’re not keen to purchasing the game you may still want to make the trip, because watching gamers try and get the massively large Rock Band box into their two-door coupe will be hilariously entertaining. And don’t forget your camera.

Also, if you do go, post an account below of what mad rush / scramble you saw. If you do take pictures, mail some to me [ask at techbanyan] if you want them to be displayed here.

What do you think about this whole thing. C’mon gamers, let your thoughts flow freely.

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    1. anonymous says:

      Um…. The release day for Rock Band 2 is Sunday the 14th.

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