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LAPD Officer Spree Desha Death

The Los Angeles Police Department officer who died in the Chatsworth train collision was identified by the LAPD as Spree Desha, a seven-year veteran who worked in the Office of Operations. She was off-duty at the time of the crash. Desha, 35, has previously worked in the North Hollywood division. When her body was removed from the wreckage about 10:20 pm, dozen of officers from the LAPD and other agencies saluted her flag-draped body and observed a long moment of silence.

Dozens of police officers at the scene of the crash stood solemnly near the crash site, knowing that a comrade had died in the wreckage. As Desha’s body was removed from the train, firefighters carried the stretcher to the waiting hands of LAPD officers, who then carried their fallen comrade past a long line of saluting officers and sheriff’s deputies.

Quite tragic.

What I am wondering about is, how did the collision happen. Was it a human error, a deriliction of duty or was it equipment failure.

The concerned agencies should get to the bottom of this and ensure they don’t happen again.

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    1. Dade says:

      Heard it was a mistake of both the drivers.


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