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Harry Reid Disses President Mccain

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid remarked recently that Republican presidential nominee John McCain  does not have the temperament to be the United States president.

And on what did Harry Reid base his judgment on? The Nevada Democrat said his opinion of the Arizona senator is based on working with republican presidential nominee for 26 years in Congress and even claimed that this view was privately shared by some Senate Republicans.

Here is what Harry Reid said categorically to Las Vegas columnist Jon Ralston during an interview.

“I just think he doesn’t have the temperament to be president”

When Ralston asked if Reid thought it would be “dangerous” to let McCain be president, Reid answered: “Well, if you said it, I wouldn’t correct you.”

“Is that right?” Ralston asked. “You really think that?”

Reid obviously thinks McCain would be a wrong choice to be the president of the country and he has made his opinion known.

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