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India Beats US, China In Sun Product Development

Another plume in the hat for India Tech. According to the latest news reports, India has pipped United States and China to emerge as the largest developer location for Sun Microsystems, with over 6.29 lakh programmers working on Java and Solaris platforms.

The present number of programmers working on Sun Microsystems platforms in China and the US – is around 6.25 lakh.

The Sun Director of Marketing in India further added that there is a lot of momentum being observed here which has led to the number of developers working on their platforms surpassing those anywhere else in the world. (There was this news report sometime back about Sun investing big time in India)

So what does all this mean for Sun and for those high number of developers in India. For one, this could result in India registering more Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and even the key decision making could shift here. There is no denying that right now India is considered mostly as an outsourcing destination.

Sun Microsystems employs about 40,000 personnel in the country.

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    1. TechBanyan says:

      Hi Sita, Business Standard broke the original story, soon it was picked up by various media. Here is a link by Silicon India for the same –

      If I had to speculate, I would say a lot of it looks like BPO/KPO.


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