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Lindsay Lohan Ordered Back to Jail For at Least 29 Days

Lindsay Lohan has been ordered back to jail, after failing a drug test.  Keeping free and clean of drugs was part of her ordered probation period.  Various news agencies report that cocaine was found in her system, and she’s been ordered back to an all-female facility where she will stay in protective custody for at least 29 days until her hearing.

There’s a good possibility that the actress will have to serve out her ENTIRE jail sentence. She was let out early because of overcrowding and “good behavior” but proved rather early on she hadn’t learned her lesson.

The sad thing is that Lindsay Lohan was a delightful child actress.  There were many who were very supportive of her, and that were big fans. Now, she’s become the joke of the Hollywood tabloid scene, just another drug abusing has-been.
It’s sad to see Lindsay Lohan ordered back to jail, but hopefully for the sake of her health, she’s learned her lesson.

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