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Kim Kardashian Pregnant? 3 Clearblue Tests Purchased in London!

Is Kim Kardashian pregnant? Word is, after purchasing $100,000 worth of Birkin bags in Paris, she bought 3 Clearblue tests at a pharmacy in London.  Word has it that Kardashian and Miles Austin broke up, and that she’s once again single.

There’s nothing quite as juicy as a rumor that one of the Kardashian sisters are pregnant.  So far, only Kourtney has been successful – and she’s constantly drug through the drama with her baby daddy Scott Disick.  After seeing the drama that Kris Jenner and Khloe can bring on, I can’t think why Kim would want to have a baby right now and be a single mommy.

Many venture to think that Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy test purchase was just smart and nearly free publicity.  The rumor mills will be chattering for days, and you know that we will tune in to Keeping up with the Kardashians on Sunday to find out the scoop.

Is Kim Kardashian pregnant? Probably not.  Hmm. I wonder if she bought the tests for Khloe?

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    1. tee says:

      I believe kim is pregnant. ice cream cones in paris,italy and germany, highlights in her face, arms are flabbing, breast are getting bigger and she talks about short naps lately. she’s pregnant. not to mention the break up with miles. could it be that he’s not ready to marry and be a dad or they will wed in private? khloe did mentioned that she should date men and not boys! makes you wonder, huh! now khloe is trying to take away the attention away from kim by talking about her and lamar trying for a baby.


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