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Bishop Eddie Long Pictures and Sexual Scandal Update

Bishop Eddie Long pictures and sexual scandal updates are desired by the many people who are upset at the Atlanta based religious leader. The Bishop Eddie Long pictures deal with the scandal over alleged sexual abuse.

Bishop Eddie Long is strongly against homosexuality.  Therefore, when the Atlanta based religious leader was accused of having sexual relations with three young men, it became a big scandal. The photos released in question were taken to make himself look attractive to his three alleged victims.

Lawyers for the victims claim that “texts, emails, phone calls, and photos” will prove the case.

Whether or not Bishop Eddie Long is guilty of anything is uncertain.  The pictures released didn’t show anything all too revealing or inappropriate. However, allegations include requests for oral sodomy as well as the requirement of being naked while being jet set all over the world.

Bishop Eddie Long pictures were released by ABC news, and more information can be found here.

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    1. shawnna says:

      My prayers goes out for Bishop Long, New Birth and the entire Christian community. Before we all pass judgement we should wait to see the evidence but remember we are all sinful by nature. We have already condemned this man to hell without any real proof that he has done anything wrong. Because of the press giving this story so much airtime the entire church will suffer. Some one wise once said “Make no judgement where you have no compassion” This is not a time to gossip or slander someones character but it’s a time to pray. If he is guilty pray for his deliverance and the healing of his accusers. If he is innoncence pray for his healing and the repentance of his accusers. Whatever you do remember all have sinned and fallen short of His glory. God forgives and so should we. If God can wait until the second coming of Christ to make His judgement we should do the same. What this world needs now more than anything is to fall on it’s face bow down and pray earnestly for our nation. God bless.

    2. Provost Dr. Tom Burish stated in the release that “While Notre Dame would have preferred to maintain its independence, the financial realities of the world of college football made the decision a necessity.” He also said that “The longstanding tradition of the schools in the Big 10 conference best fit that of the Irish program”, according to reports.


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