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Dancing with the Stars 2010 Results And Lineup Bring Hoff Off Dance Floor

Dancing with the Stars 2010 results and lineup take Hoff off the dance floor.  The first elimination of Dancing with the Stars 2010 took place last night, and for the most part it was a fabulous show of events.  Last night’s first elimination show did, however, make many fans fearful that the worst was going to happen.

The Situation and David Hasselhoff were the bottom two.  Everyone’s heart skipped a beat to think that the Jersey Shore star could be fist pumping his way out of there.

However, that did not occur.

Going in to last night’s elimination, Margaret Cho looked like the sure-fire decision to eliminate.  However, she and Michael Bolton were the first to be declared safe- for this week.

Next week, Cho doesn’t have any room for error and “The Situaiton” had better hope that he is able to practice like he needs to in order to step up his game.

Of course, we are only in the first couple of weeks of the Dancing with the Stars season.  So much is going to occur, so be sure to stay tuned for further updates.

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