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Jailbreak Ban Permanent PS OzModChips

Ozmodchips went to court Friday in Austraila and lost the battle so the ban on the PS jailbreak will be made permanent. This is a big blow to Ozmodchips as they were praying that the ban would be lifted.

Gamers worldwide are disappointed at the decision of the Austraila court, they were also praying that the ban would be lifted. Sony, on the other hand, is very pleased with the decision. Sony has had to learn the hard way that their products are prone to hacks.

What the OzModChips did was allow the gamer to bypass security and download games to the hard drive.  This circumvented protocols in place to ensure that people didn’t share or illegally download games.

By saving games directly to the hard drive, someone could purchase a game and using the device copy it to an infinite number of devices.  This would significantly impact profit.

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