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Tony LaRussa Attendance at Glen Beck Rally Demands Defense

Tony LaRussa defends decision to attend Glen Beck rally, amid controversy that he really shouldn’t have been there.  Tony LaRussa attended Glen Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally, which brought in an estimated 87,000 to the National Mall. The Cardinals received phone calls protesting his attendance, as did an animal rescue charity that he works for.

He attended the rally along with Albert Puljols, who was receiving an award for community service.  The Glen Beck rally isn’t supposed to be politically motivated, and Larussa decided to view it as a spiritual rather than a politically motivated event.

“It was beyond gratifying. I was inspired. There were a lot of things that inspired me. It was more religious, much more religious (than political)  I’ll raise money for those folks anytime. Albert got a legitimate award I was asked to introduce. I don’t see the problem.”

There were a lot of people at the rally praising God, and thanking Him for the things in their life – and the troops.  Besides, LaRussa was far from alone at the rally, as the CBS news reports that some 87,000 came to the event and millions more watched the live stream via facebook and ustream.

    23 Responses to “Tony LaRussa Attendance at Glen Beck Rally Demands Defense”

    1. mmoore says:

      87,000? Right. Keep visiting that famous river de-nile.

    2. 87,000 X 10 says:

      Thats a joke. I was there and I will guarantee that the figure was more like 700,000. There were 87,000 there by 7 in the morning. After you visit de-nile put the bong down and just step away…..

    3. Rick b> says:

      My question is, why would anyone “demand a defense” about this? Tony LaRussa is a private citizen. Its not like he was attending an illegal sporting event or visiting a clinic in South America to learn how to cover up doping. He went to a rally (and just by looking at pics of the event you have to know 87k is way low) to express what he believes in. Tell these guys to shut it.

      • Mike says:

        Yes, he’s a private citizen and can do what he wants. An we, as private citizens can do what we want to like demand a defense and boycott the cards and LaRussa’s charities.

        Unlike you right wingers, we agree he has the right to do it but also agree we have the right to speak and act against it.

    4. Rob says:

      He went up there and gave an apolitical speech, as did Pujols. He is a private citizen, and what he does in his free time is his business and does not reflect on other endeavors he may be involved in.

      The real question is why is anyone giving credence to “anonymous demands” for an explanation or complaints? People are going to complain about everything, it’s up to the Cardinals, his animal rescue charity, and the media to determine which complaints have merit. These quite obviously do not because they criticize uncontroversial actions of a private citizen.

      I have never seen an event with more dishonest coverage, saying it was all sorts of this that it clearly wasn’t, based on the conjecture of the media and inference into motives and ideas that simply weren’t present.

    5. jim says:

      Photo comparisons of the million man March…that the politbureau media supported, shows a smaller crowd than at Glenn Beck’s, Restoring Honor Rally…apparently the media thinks we are too stupid to look up the evidence …lets put their lying useless assess out of business!

    6. Glen Schelin says:

      Jim: If we could get the public to see the media’s bias and their lies, they will be put out of business!

    7. Bill says:

      I was at the rally albiet late due to a delay at the Franconia-Springfirld Metro station. A crowd estimated at 20,000 waited up to 3 hours to board trains to the rally. The nine car trains each held about 540 people and ran every 5 minutes for a total of 6480 passengers per hour. I waited 2 and a half hours and was in the middle of the line. I got to the rally an hour and a half late at 11:30 and could not get close to the rally due to the crowds. I watched from the Washington Monument and the people were almost solid to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I seriously estimate the total crowd at about 400-500,000. Best behaved crowd I’ve ever seen.

    8. ron says:

      the liberals have no problem when they bring out their movie stars to support their agenda— what cry-babies they are.

    9. RVC in CA says:

      It’s clear that the person who wrote this article isn’t very well informed -only 87,000 attended the event. It looked like there was more then 500K. I guess they must be really pissed off that the event drew so many people. Wasn’t he event also to raise money for the troops and their families. I guess some people really don’t care about that if they dog someone for attending. It’s called freedom and Liberals’ don’t believe in freedom for all they only believe in it if it supports their causes.

    10. Tony says:

      I was there and I would say 87,000 is high. Probably closer to 75,000.

    11. Albert says:

      I too was there.
      I saw about 5 blacks and around 86,995 coonasses.

    12. Jeanine says:

      While LaRussa and Pujols are private citizens, and have a right to attend whatever they like; those of us who detest Beck’s bigotries barely masked in coded phrases–also have the right TO BOYCOTT THE CARDINALS UNTIL THEY FIRE LARUSSA! Beck has a long history of bigoted vitriol both on tv and radio, which is well documented for all to see. I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN, I AM NOT A MORMON, AND I DON’T WANT TO BE. THIS COUNTRY IS MULTI-RACIAL, MULTI-RELIGIOUS, ETC. AND BIGOTS LIKE BECK CAN EITHER ACCEPT IT OR START A RELIGIOUS ‘JIHAD,’ IN WHICH CASE I SAY—BRING IT ON YOU LITTLE TURD!

    13. Mike says:

      That’s as lame an excuse as I’ve ever heard.

      I guess you can go to a KKK rally as long as they don’t talk about killing minorities then.

      ANYTHING Beck does is political. Shame on Tony and Albert. I’ll never respect either one again.

    14. steve says:

      You libs are absolutely pitiful excuses for human beings. The only reason you hate everyone against your anti God anti-religion and anti everything that isn’t progressive, marcsist or communist, is because you would be sitting in a corner on the floor in your room with your thumb in your mouth wondering why you are here.


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