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India is most wireless-focused design location

LONDON — For all of those that thought Europe was the hotbed of wireless IC design EDA company Synopsys Inc. (Mountain View, Calif.) has some evidence that my force a change of mind.

About 38 percent of Indian designers are working on designs targeting wireless and mobile applications compared with just about 22 percent in Europe. And Israel, Taiwan and Singapore all come in with a higher focus than Europe.

Over the course of 2006 and 2007 Synopsys found 2000 respondents around the world to indicate whether the application for their design was wireless or mobile within consumer, communication and computer segments.

Without seeing the question “as put” its hard to know quite what that means and Synopsys does not state whether the respondents are only involved in IC design.

San Jose, which we take to be Synopsys short-hand for Silicon Valley and the west coast of the U.S., scored what looks like 23 percent; Boston (which we take to be the east coast) was lower at 21 percent; Europe 22 percent; India came top at 38 percent; Israel and Taiwan both appear to have registered 25 percent focus on wireless and mobile and Singapore scores 28 or 29 percent.

All percentages are approximate because like a lot of providers of graphical information Synopsys forgot to put the bar chart values on each bar, so we’ve calculated the percentages by eye.

The other missing information is the sample size in each territory. So it may be that in absolute terms “San Jose” with 23 percent focus on wireless may have the largest absolute number of wireless designs.

It also appears that Synopsys found no respondents in Japan or China, or perhaps they were not sufficiently numerous to be significant.

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