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Chile Released Video of Trapped Miners

Chile releases video of trapped miners.  There are 33 miners trapped in Chile, and they may not be able to be rescued until around Christmastime.  Luckily, people are able to get them food and supplies and are able to communicate with them.

The released video of the trapped miners shows that they are tired, but in good spirits.  During trying times like this it’s important to keep a positive attitude to avoid falling victim to the negative things that can happen.

The miners haven’t been told about how long it could take to get them out of there, as it is very possible that the psychological effects of the news would be a devastating blow to their minds.  Three or four of the miners are showing signs of anxiety and depression.

At least 9 of the miners are still too big to fit through the proposed rescue shaft. However, the men are losing weight while they wait down in the mine.  Their only lifeline is a pipe with about a 3.5 inch diameter, through which food, clothing, and anything needed is stuffed.

This is such a horrible thing that has happened, and I really hope that they are able to rescue these trapped miners.

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