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DHIMAAKU Movie Review

You might be surprised by this, as you know the movie is ready for release this week. I got the pass to see this movie’s premier show. Thanks to Radio Mirchy 98.3 through which i got the pass for the premier.

‘Dhimaaku’ is a love story that is presented in a different manner. The story does not offer anything new, but Magesh Kumar has narrated the story with some exciting sequences and well choreographed song sequences. And he has also been able to extract good performances from the artists.

The film revolves around an engineering student(Naveen Krishna as Balu) who has backlogs and his lady love(Pavani) and her mother(Flora). The movie is all about how Balu tries to convince his lady love’s mother to agree for their marriage. Balu falls in love with Pavani(i forgot her name in the movie) and this love story is discovered by Pavani’s mother Indradevi and opposes and she finds a trick to depart them. What happens next? Watch it on big screen.

The movie is filled with comedy sequences,catchy dialogues and good performances from leading man Naveen and Rangayana Raghu(as Kitti plays the role of Balu’s father) who supports his son for everything. Guest artists Ramesh Bhat, Bullet Praksh,Sharan,Jaggesh and Komal are a treat to watch. These artists are perfect for their roles. Pavani,Flora and Om Prakash Rao are okay.

Naveen excells in acting,dancing and as one of the script writers and lyricist.

The only drawback of the film is that Flora cannot be accepted as Pavani’s mother because they both look like sisters !

Technically the movie is good the cameraman has finished his job neatly. And Naveen has penned two songs for the movie and Arjun has composed three good tunes and his backround score is a plus point. Huchcha annu,Romeo and Kanna Gudde are catchy.

Dhimaaku is an enjoyable entertainer which has good performances from Naveen and supporting artists.

Rating 3.5/5

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