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Artist Ansel Adams Trust Sues Because “Found” Negatives

Ansel Adams trust has sued in the artists interest against the person who claims they “found” a host of long lost negatives from the artist. Said negatives were believed to have been destroyed in a fire many years ago.

The person who found the negatives has set up shop and is allegedly trying to sell prints made with the negatives.  There’s even a gallery that has scheduled a viewing of the negatives and prints. The trust wants to end this behavior, calling it a scam.

There’s also word that the negatives could be from another photographer, Earl Brooks.  In addition, the trust maintains that even if the negatives were from Ansel Adams, any prints made from the negatives would not be original work, but derivative works at best.

Since Adams took the photos, shouldn’t his trust be compensated?  Do you think that the garage sale negatives are one big scam?

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