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Baseball’s “Sweet” Lou Piniella Quits Early

“Sweet” Lou Piniella calls it quits early, retiring from baseball not at the end of the season, but after today’s match against the Atlanta Braves.  Fans are shocked, to say the very least. Piniella issued a statement which reads “When I previously announced my intentions to retire at the end of the season, a primary reason for my decision was that it would allow me to spend more valuable time with my family. That time has unfortunately gotten here sooner than I could have ever expected.”

Piniella is the manager of the Chicago Cubs. His mother has been ill, and he’s already taken a couple leaves of absences in order to spend time with her. His successor will be third base coach Mike Quade, who takes on the reins during Monday’s match against the Washington National’s.

Sweet Lou has had a great career with the MLB.  He’s made five trips to the world series, and has three championship rings.  He’s not only worked with Chicago, but also the Yankees and the Reds.  Baseball will really miss good ol’ Sweet Lou.

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