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Could Blago Stage a Political Comeback?

Could Rod Blagojevich stage a political comeback in the wake of his corruption trials? We all know that Blago’s accused of trying to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat after he was elected president.  Of course, to this day Blago denies all claims, and has become the butt of many political jokes…many of them ending with a plug about his hair.

The jury was hung on whether or not to find Blago guilty of all charges.  They found him guilty of one charge, and could not reach a consensus on the rest of the charges.  The government has vowed to re-try Blago.

Many expect him to be found guilty, but the former Illinois governor may have other plans.  Blago claims he won’t rule out a political come back once exonerated of the corruption charges.

He also claims that he really didn’t have a defense during the first trial. After he is re-tried, he is pretty confident he will be exonerated. He’s been doing a media blitz in recent days…I would stay tuned to the news to see what transpires on planet Blago.

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