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Taylor Momsen and LA Dodgers – Aren’t Big Rihanna Fans

The 17 year old Taylor Momsen and the LA Dodgers have at least one thing in common: they aren’t fans of Rihanna. Momsen is, of course, a Gossip Girl star and is also in the rock band “Pretty Reckless.”

She told an interviewer that she’s “tired” of pop stars trying to act like rock stars, and called out Rihanna for wearing leather jackets, saying it’s “annoying.”  I didn’t realize that in 17 short years out of life you could grow “tired” of something!

Taylor Momsen isn’t the only one giving Rihanna a hard time – some of the LA Dodgers think that Rihanna is to blame for boyfriend Matt Kemp’s poor performance. Kemp spoke out about the allegations, claiming that it’s not her that keeps him preoccupied, although he will admit his performance isn’t the same as last year.

Man. I love the way he lies.

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