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A Dad Saves Daughter from Bear at a Zoo in Germany

A dad saved his 3 year old daughter from a bear at a zoo in Germany this week.  The toddler crawled over a gate while her parents were not looking.  A 28 year old Asiatic Black Bear injured the child. 

The dad didn’t waste any time getting the child away from the bear, but his leg was injured in the process.  Both dad and daughter are hospitalized with injuries that are not life threatening.

Parents have great instincts when it comes to their children. There’s nothing that will stop a mom or a dad from rescuing their little one from dangerous situations, and this just goes to prove it.

So the next time you are in the zoo with your little one, remember to keep a close eye on them. There are lots of dangerous animals, and it’s easy to assume that children will stay away.  However, what your 3 year old sees as a cuddly bear could very well kill them.

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