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Muslim Disney Employee Claims Bosses Banned Headscarf, Hijab

A Muslim Disney employee, Imane Boudal, claims that Disney bosses in Anaheim California refused to allow her to wear her hijab headscarf. She subsequently filed a federal discrimination suit at a court on Wednesday.

Imane was sent home three times without pay, and on the fourth time she tried to wear her hijab to work she was terminated. Disney claims that they allowed Boudal to wear her headscarf, but only in the absence of customers.

Disney also claims that they complied with laws, citing that they offered the employee alternative working arrangements during her regularly scheduled shift in which she would be allowed to wear her hijab.

Disney believes that the issue is with a long standing feud with the union.

Should women be allowed to wear their Hijab? It’s a tough question. With a lot of tensions between the eastern and western world, there has been more and more resistance to allowing women to wear their Muslim headscarves. In France, there was a ban on the burqa, which is a full face covering.

Also, one cannot overlook whether or not Disney would allow a Jewish individual to wear his Yarmulke to work, as well. IF they allow the Yarmulke, they should allow the hijab.

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    1. Lynn says:

      I would see her being upset at them for not answering her question to begin with, as apparently she asked the question and was not given a response until she wore it. When she did not receive a response and she wore it, it was too late for Disney to now say “no you can’t wear it”…Too bad for Disney, next time an employee asks about something that important, answer the bloody question.

      HOWEVER. I will say that I’m sick of people SUING to be able to wear something that denotes their religion. I don’t care what religion you are, if you have chosen to work at a place where specific attire is deemed appropriate and a Hijab is not deemed appropriate, then either don’t work there or lose the Hijab, or the Yarmulke or the Turban.

      It really makes me mad to see people who follow Eastern Customs come to the Western part of the world expect that all of the Eastern Customs will be acceptable. In the Western Culture you do not hide your face from someone when you’re speaking to them, it’s considered rude but some women wear a Burqa…I find that a complete insult to ME and my way of life. Who do I get to sue??

    2. morris wise says:

      Another slick lady that got a good idea how to increase her low wages. She will probably get a settlement of a million dollars and go on a shopping spree in high fashion stores. Imane is not like other Muslim women who accept abuse, she is learning the Western ways quickly.

    3. dprosenthal says:

      If today’ judges had any guts, they’d simply throw all of these cases out of court.
      If this works out for her, get ready for a landslide of applications by Muslim women to work at HOOTERS!

    4. Jen says:

      Its interesting that she just brought this up after TWO years working at the disney hotel? If it meant that much to her she should have brought it up when she first started working or brought it up in the interview! She didnt ask Disney until June if she could wear it. She was even taken to the costume area to see if they could find an alternative, she said no. She was offered to work in the back, she said no. Why did she wait until AFTER becoming a US citizen to bring it up to Disney. yes, I am all for freedom of religion, but if you go to work for someone that has a uniform you need to suck it up and deal with it.

    5. moniks says:

      I,agree with jen,i bet when she aplied for the job ,she was wearing western clothing,so she got the job under false pretence,

    6. chris says:

      Disney and all business’s have the right to require a uniform. AND, from all accounts from my friends who have worked for Disney. It is spelled out repeatedly what is required in uniform and appearance. Correct make-up, no visable piercings or tatoos etc. She knew full well what was acceptable before she even started working for the company. Now I guess she will apply at Hooters and want to wear a Burka.Disney did nothing wrong by enforcing her dress code.

    7. Ms. Religious Freedom says:

      This country was founded in the interest of religious freedom. Furthermore, Disney may be a corporation, but they still need to treat their employees in the ways they wish to be treated. I have seen many young women wear Hijab in a wide variety of work places. I bet people who work for Google get to wear Hijab, and I know I have seen women at Ikea in Hijab. Being big doesn’t mean you can tell your employees what to believe, especially not in such a diverse country and when trying to restrict one of the most populous religions on the world and certainly the most diverse religion in the world. I’m about to send this link to my pre-law friend and see what she has to say.

      • Ms. Religious Freedom says:

        Talked to my law studying friend: “Yep. These people have no understanding of the basic tenants of Constitutional law. I seriously doubt any court would find that it is an undue burden on Disney to allow women to wear the hijab. This also reminds me of the arguments used in …(tharr be more)the civil rights era by employers who didn’t want to hire minorities — “well, we require people to be white to work here, and if they aren’t white, then they should apply somewhere else. I’m also offended by the existence of minorities. Can’t they just go be minorities somewhere else instead of MY country? Who do I get to sue?” etc misc bs. Those arguments didn’t hold water in the courts of the time, and as courts have generally trended towards more progressive thought in recent history, I would imagine these arguments would not work now.”


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