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Dan Conley: Craigslist Killer Markoff’s Suicide an “Ultimate Indicator of Guilt”

DA Dan Conley thinks that the biggest injustice in the “Craigslist Killer” suicide is that the family of Julissa Brisman will never get to see the man who is accused of killing their loved one put to justice.

It has been confirmed that Phillip Markoff killed himself by slashing his wrists, arms, ankles, and neck. He also is reported to have had a plastic bag tied over his head.

In the moments before his death, he scrawled the name “Megan” and the word “pocket” out of blood.  Megan was his financee, and the two were set to marry on August 14, 2009 – but she broke off the engagement in the wake of the Craigslist Killer investigation.

The significance of the word “Pocket” is unknown.

It’s always sad when someone commits suicide, and even more sad now because there will never be answers.  The family will never get to face the man who is accused of killing their loved one and express their pain and anguish.

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