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Teresa Giudice’s Lawyer Claims $60000 Shopping Trip an “Entitlement”

Teresa Giudice’s bankruptcy has been all over. Teresa Giudice’s lawyer recenlty spoke out about a high-end $60,000 shopping spree that the reality show star went on amid bankruptcy.

Although Teresa and her husband only show $79,000 or so as income on their tax returns, they owe millions. They are going through foreclosure on three homes, and a recent auction that was planned for this month (and is now postponed until October).  They filed for bankruptcy in October of 2009.

Since then, Giudice has earned money on her book “Skinny Italian.”  It is the advance that she used on her $60,000 shopping spree. Her attorney said “She needed to re-buy furniture because she didn’t have any furniture in the house. It’s a big house and she wanted furniture consistent with her style on the show. There is nothing wrong with doing that, except that it doesn’t look good for her to be doing it.”

He went on to admit that it didn’t look good, but that the courts aren’t there to tell people how to spend their money.

So I guess Teresa Guidice is “entitled” to go out and spend more than many people make in a year, amid a financial meltdown.  I guess her creditors have no right to feel “entitled” to getting paid back foir the money that was stiffed?

And I thought the Bankruptcy reforms in 2005 fixed all this…guess I was wrong.

    3 Responses to “Teresa Giudice’s Lawyer Claims $60000 Shopping Trip an “Entitlement””

    1. Joe schmo says:

      Wow! What a pig.

    2. 2hardworkers says:

      She’s a disgusting pig, no wonder her husband cheats on her

    3. MGM says:

      you know, a calculator and an spreadsheet could have help to slow down the uncontrollable spending.

      This is what happens when you don’t climb your way from a Time-clock income and work hard to do so and simply burst on the scene with more money than you can count. You learn not to spend at a pace faster than you make. You learn to perform risk analysis on your financial industry of choice.

      The realstate industry made a lot of people rich literally overnight. People that thought the realstate industry was a never ending cash cow were fools. There is and never will be a never-ending money making industry. Sooner or later it must retract and restart again.

      Guess the “Giudice’s” are learning this fact the hard way. They are on the right track; learning and studying their mistakes. I just gave you something to study above; Risk analysis


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