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Surprise: Brett Favre Returns to Vikings

Indecisive Brett Favre is coming back to the NFL for “one more” season with the Minnesota Vikings. Surprise. Okay, not really.  This player has “retired” more times than I can remember. When he actually DOES retire, the news won’t be all that big because he’s like the boy who cried wolf.

Of course, that doesn’t take away from his sheer talent. He’s gone the distance for a long time, played with three teams, and has even made Super Bowl appearances. He boasts one of the longest careers in Pro Football history as well.

Perhaps his diva attitude is what people are getting tired of.  Many suspected when he recently announced he wasn’t returning that he was trying to get more money out of the Vikings.  After all, the QB who was the #1 draft pick for the Rams has a guaranteed contract of $50 million – and no NFL experience!

Maybe his team called his hand. Maybe he just can’t quit. Maybe this year he will take the Vikings all the way to the Super Bowl so that he can really retire while on top.

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