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Obama: Gulf Beaches Safe, First Family’s Florida Trip Ends

Obama declares Gulf beaches safe after his family vacation to the Florida panhandle.  The Gulf Beaches are the subject of a lot of apprehension after the oil spill.  Many fear that the white sugar sand beaches are somehow contaminated by toxic oil from the deepwater horizon oil spill, but that is not the case – according to the commander in chief.

Obama’s family vacation has been seen as a political move, the administration’s way of keeping the American public from being “overly concerned” about how the spill affected the Gulf.  This tourist season has been rough, as travelers have found other places to go, citing fears of not being able to go to the beach.

The Obama family has been criticized for their vacationing plans – which included Spain (First lady), Martha’s Vineyard, Maine, and North Carolina.  The  White House only recently added the Gulf Coast after much criticism.

Now that Obama has declared the Gulf beaches safe…are you going to go out? Next summer, I would love to take my son to Panama Beach to let him splash around in the water.

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