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Chuck Season 4 Trailer includes Linda Hamilton as Chuck’s Mom!

Chuck season 4 trailer includes Linda Hamilton as Chuck’s mom. The new trailer for the hit show Chuck is available now, andman are getting very excited. Chuck is the show about an “average computer-whiz next door” who received a special encoded email from a friend, who now works for the CIA.

The email implanted all the CIA’s top secrets into the brain of the unsuspecting nerd.  The result is that when he sees someone who is in his “database” he knows exactly what is going on.

Placed with Chuck for “protection” are John Casey and Sarah Walker. These are NSA and CIA operatives who use Chuck’s flashes of information to help catch the bad guys.

Having a Chuck season 4 is a good thing.  After season 2, the show was canceled by the network, NBC.  Fans of the show rallied with a “Save Chuck” initiative. The show was renewed.

And now the show is coming back next month on Season 4 and we will get to see the crazy antics of Chuck, Sarah and Casey once again.  This season, Chuck’s mom is introduced and played by Linda Hamilton. There may only be 13 episodes in the next season, but they are bound to be very entertaining.

View the YouTube trailer by clicking here.

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