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Wikileaks Goes Against Pentagon and Posts Additional Afghan War Documents

Wikileaks Afghan war documents will be published, although the Pentagon may be against it.  Wikileaks and the founder, Julian Assange, is not afraid of the Pentagon and won’t back down.  These leaked war documents could potentially put the United States and the troops at risk – but life according to Assange is different than we may see it.

Assange says that the Pentagon “must protect what the United States’ founders considered to be their central value, which is freedom of the press. For the Pentagon to be making threatening demands for censorship of a press organization is a cause for concern, not just for the press but for the Pentagon itself.”

He then goes on to say “This organization will not be threatened by the Pentagon or any other group, and we proceed cautiously and safely with this material.”

The war documents are feared to be even more damaging than the first 77,000 documents previously released.  There’s anger over making this information public, as it could harm innocent parties.  Assange claims that he’s going through the information “line by line” and redacting anything that might harm an innocent party.

Do we have the right to this information, or do you think some things are better left out of the public domain.  Julian Assange is not American, he’s Australian. Some argue that since he’s not American, he doesn’t care if he will damage America.

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    1. Major Variola ret. says:

      America is like Rome. It does not rule the world, though it thinks it does.

      Assange is a hero.

      Folks in glass empires should not fly drones.

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