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Rapper Birdman $2 Million Ride Comes with $300K Annual Maintenance

Rapper Birdman showed off his $2 million ride, a Bugatti, which comes with an annual maintenance of $300,000.  Rapper Birdman’s new ride is something very interesting, and has sparked interest with automobile aficionados the world over.  The annual maintenance on the car costs more than an average home and showcase just how jet set a lifestyle some rappers get to live.

The all red sports car is amazing, and to showcase he is excited about his new ride, he wore an all red Adidas outfit that matched the veneer on his car.

Birdman is from the Dirty South, and is the CEO of Cash Money Records. In addition, he wants the world to know about his $2.1 million ride and how it was designed and the like.  He even has business cards that read “I am Expensive.”

Simon Cowell and Tom Cruise also own Buggatis.  We men are always proud of our rides, and this is just another example of someone who is very proud of their rides.

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