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Could Jennifer Aniston “Destructive” Claims Haunt Bill O’Reilly?

Jennifer Aniston Destructive? If you listen to Bill O’Reilly, Aniston – best known for her role in the 90’s sitcom Friends – is destructive to society. It’s hard to believe that the soft spoken 40 plus beauty that just recently launched her new fragrance line is dubbed such a harsh word by the news show host.


So what is it about “Rachel” that makes her enter Bill’s “No Spin Zone”? It’s her discussion of a role in her new movie “Switch” which is due out next weekend.

The actress, Jennifer Aniston, wants to send an important  message to women, and that’s that you don’t have to “fiddle” with a man in order to have a family.  She also doesn’t see chosen single motherhood as “selfish”, instead calling it “quite beautiful.”

Critics say that Aniston’s message could be misconstrued by the teenaged girl who just wants to have a baby because…well, she think that’s what she wants with her life.  Although Aniston’s message is geared towards the older, mature career woman whose biological clock is tick-tick-ticking away with no man in sight, sending this message to youth may not be right.

O’Reilly pretty much says that sending the message that you don’t need a dad is destructive to society.  You can read about  his direct comments at the Huffington Post. However what is more destructive – parents that can’t get a long and end up divorced or a stable, loving home with a single parent?

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