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Kelly Brook Playboy Photos Are Almost Available (PHOTO)

Kelly Brook Playboy photos are almost available.  Kelly Brook is one of the stars of Piranha 3-D and she’s taking a page from the past and appearing in a 1960’s inspired Playboy spread that is poised to hit a newsstand near you relatively soon. The British model is argued to have the best 8 page spread in ages, and considering that the September issue will be coming out soon you will get to see them for your self.

However, we have located a cover of the next episode, and as you can see Playboy has a lot to offer in terms of its artistic direction.  That’s what keeps people coming back for more – it’s sexy without being perverse. Each magazine is a classy work of art.

The British model said “I was a little self-conscious about the shoot because I look at the other girls in the magazine and they’re just so perfect. I’m not 20 anymore.” But we men don’t long for perfection – a self confident woman who is comfortable in her skin is just plain sexy.

Look at the cover – do you think she had anything at all to be self-conscious of?

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