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Death Toll After Russian Wildfires Doubles

Death toll after Russian wildfire doubles. The Russian wildfires death toll reaches 700 per day, following a normal count of half that during normal conditions. This is a very sad side effect of the wildfires in Russia, and is a sad reminder of how devastating mother nature can be.

Particles of carbon monoxide have doubled in recent days, and radioactivity is feared in the area.  Toxic particles in the air choke off the breathable particles to sustain life.

Hospitals are over burdened.  Non-emergency surgeries have been canceled, and outpatients have gone home because the hospitals do not have air conditioning and conditions are miserable.  Hospital employees report that there are more dead bodies in the morgue and in refrigerators and people just keep falling ill and dying.

Of course, the government denies claims that the death toll doubled. However, the true reality is felt by those in Russia who have been negatively impacted by the wildfires.

Source: Guardian UK

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