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BMW Case India Verdict

It is sweet revenge for the common man when a lower court in Delhi finally convicted Sanjeev Nanda of culpable homicide. The accused mowed seven people, including three policemen, on a foggy night in January 1999. Six died and there was only one survivor. That fateful night Sidharth Gupta and Manik Kapoor were also with him.

Sanjeev Nanda is the son of an international arms dealer, Suresh Nanda, and the grandson of former chief of Navan Staff Admiral Nanda. Sanjeev and Suresh Nanda are not new to committing high profile crime. They were caught bribing an income tax official earlier and also accused of receiving favours in a deal to buy Barak missiles from Isreal 8 years ago. Both were out on bail. In fact Sanjeev Nanda was also arrested and kept in custody after the BMW accident for 9 months after which he was let off. And then life was a long holiday for this rich kid. He was seen roaming freely in society and had no qualms flaunting his wealth and power in the social circuits of Delhi. He is also the owner of the 5-star Clarridges Hotel in the Capital.

During the case almost all witnesses turned hostile except a small time Mumbai businessman Sunil Kulkarni who was able to identify Sanjeev Nanda as one of the men in the BMW but could not confirm if it was he who was actually driving. After the initial inquiries there was huge game played to buy the witnesses by the counsel RK Anand and prosecutor IU Khan. This was exposed by a sting operation by NDTV. There was national outrage when the Delhi High Court didnot take heed of the evidence from the operation.

But today justice was served and the guilty was punished. But the victims’ kin are not happy. And rightly so. They had been promised compensation, free education for their children but nothing has been fulfilled. And as is the case always, they believe that Sanjeev Nanda will ultimately get out of the whole business with sheer power of his wealth.

I might sound harsh but if I were to decide then nothing short of capital punishment should be served to Sanjeev Nanda. Someone who even after such henious crimes has a “dont worry be happy” kind of an attitude should be publicly flogged and then shot.

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