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Live – UFC 117 Results and Silva vs Sonnen Live Updates

UFC 117 Silva vs Sonnen results and live updates are desired for UFC 117 Silva vs Sonnen fans that aren’t able to watch the live event on PPV.  MMA fights are always great, but the event today is very important as a lot of smack has been talked in terms of the two contenders.  Sonnen claimed that he was going to host Silva’s retirement party, but in the end it was Silva who was the victor.

Sonnen tapped during the 5th round, after getting cut by Silva.  He did put up a fight and made Silva work to retain his title.  The whole event was heart-stopping adrenaline pumping suspense filled match ups.


That’s what you get for smack talking.  Sonnen was made to look a fool, but it could have just as easily happened to Silva.  Silva maintained his title at 3:10 in the 5th round. What a match.

For a more detailed breakdown of results and play-by-play, click here.

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