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Iran Assassination Attempt Reactions – Was it a Lie?

The Iran assassination attempt hit media outlets, bringing up the possibility that someone tried to throw a grenade at the convoy where their president was in.  The backlash from this story is that Iran is claiming that the whole thing was a big hoax, and that it was a flawed media report that the international media ran away with.  Many people are perplexed. After all, how could an assassination attempt be a lie?

Yes, something was thrown at the convoy with Ahmadinejad but it was actually a firecracker that came from an area youth that threw it at the convoy as a sign of joy.

There’s a lot of controversy over this situation. To the western media, the story doesn’t make sense.  To the eastern Muslim media, it’s just another example of the western world, mainly the United States, butting in their business with little or no attention to both sides of the story at hand.  What do you believe? Do you believe the western reports, or the reports coming out of Iran?

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    1. Esther Haman says:

      After speaking with friends in Iran and a short conversation, I briefly addressed this issues and I was told that there was no such thing and no action or reaction came out of it. Just a propaganda.


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