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Big Brother 12 Spoilers and HOH Nominations

Big Brother 12 spoilers and HOH Nominations/nominees are among top Big Brother searches.  The reality TV show where thecameras never stop rolling is in full swing.  People want to know the spoilers not only to know what will happen in case they miss the show, but also to see if they are correct.  As such, we have some new spoilers to share with you.

We all know that on the August 5th episode of Big Brother, Matt won the HOH competition.  In addition, he nominated Rachel and Brendon as the potential evictees.

Now, the two will have to take part in the POV competition, and if one of them gets it, it’s still unlikely that the other will remain at the house after this next week.

Alliances are building, and people are starting to get more cut-throat.  Ragan thought that Brenden and Rachel are the only two that are in an alliance, but what he doesn’t know is that there are much bigger powers in play.

Matt also opened Pandora’s box…dun dun dun…what does that mean for the rest of the house

    5 Responses to “Big Brother 12 Spoilers and HOH Nominations”

    1. Debbie says:

      It is about time the dastardly duo got what was coming to them .If I hear “You are trying to come between me and my man” one more time I think i will go on big brother and dye her hair green.I think Ragan is a great choice for the sabator and i cant wait to see what he does lololol This season started out boring but the fire is lit and burn baby burn.

      • John Jayne says:

        I agree 100% with you Debbie, and I’ll hold her down! I think she’s the worst of the two evils, and what he sees in her is…well lust is blind.

        I’d hate to alone with them in the jury house, I was hoping they would’ve been seperated from the jury house.

        Matt was my choice for saboteur, but would have been elimnated since he won HOH anyway. I’m afraid Ragen will be to scrady cat to do it.

    2. captfury says:

      Has the competion for pov started yet?

    3. captfury says:

      Who is the other gay person in the cast?


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