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Was Montana Fishburne Arrested For Prostitution?

Just when Laurence Fishburne probably thought the news about his daughter, Montana, couldn’t get any worse, headlines Thursday announcing that his daughter had been arrested for violating California penal code 647 (b), or prostitution, hit the Internet. Not only had Montana “Chippie D” Fishburne been trying to jump-start her career through making a high-profile adult film through Vivid Entertainment and some mass market sex tapes through other production methods, she apparently even managed to get herself arrested for solicitation.  Montana Fishburne told TMZ that her father was “upset” about the sex tape, which he had known nothing about.  Wonder how angry he became after finding out about the prostitution charge…

According to Carlton Jordan, an investigative blogger, Montana Fishburne was arrested in November 2009, the day before Thanksgiving.  Jordan posted the public documents on his website.

According to the documents, if they are genuine, Montana Fishburne was arrested on November 25 and charged with solicitation.  After two continuances, she finally pleaded nolo contendre and was sentenced to 104 hours towards the California beautification project, 15 days of community service, an AIDS test, STD education, and two years probation.  Her official status reads: On probation.

If the information on is authentic, it is quite a scoop.  It would be the second such scoop in the Montana Fishburne saga, for Jordan’s website seems to have also been the source of Media Take Out‘s scoop that Montana “Chippie D” Fishburne had done sex tapes before the Vivid film.

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