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PDF Hack: iPhone, iPad Users Susceptible – Symantec Warns Apple

A PDF hack could be used to compromise an Apple iPhone or iPad, and Symantec has warned Apple of the problem.  A PDF hack works like this: an unsuspecting user visits a Web site, and a corrupt PDF file is then downloaded.  This file gives users access to the iPhone or iPad – full control.  This compromised security can be used to mess up your files and application.

In short, the PDF hack works like a jailbreak.  This, of course, is bad news for Apple users.  After all, a commonly believed piece of information is that Apple products are virus and hack proof. That is not true.

So what is the savvy iPhone or iPad user to do with this issue at hand? Steer clear of opening PDF files directly! That’s what you can do.  Only open PDF’s from trusted sources until Apple is able to download a patch.

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