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Wyclef Jean Running for President Haiti – Will Wyclef Win?

Wyclef Jean is running for president in Haiti.  Will Wyclef, the hip-hop artist, actually become the leader of the country which was nearly ripped apart by an earthquake earlier this year? It seems as it is a juxtaposition of terms, an unlikely match. However, the musician loves his homeland and has done a lot of humanitarian work there even before the earthquake in January.

Wyclef is worried about his legacy, and claims that he doesn’t want to be remembered as someone who kept singing songs even after the country – a country that he pledged to love so much in the public, was devastated.

Wyclef isn’t the only person in the public eye to run for political office.  Boxer Manny Pacquiao was recently elected into office in his native Philippines.  Of course, Pacquiao is not president and will continue to fight – and is set to fight Margarito in November.

It’s noble for individuals to run for political office, especially when they come from a less fortunate country.  Wyclef Jean could very easily just stay in the United States, enjoying the comforts of living. However, he’s running for president.

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