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Sarah Palin Grandmother

Is Sarah Palin actually a grandmother and not just a mother. Is she Trig’s grandmother?

I think we’ll bite the bullet and mention it here.

I would be skeptical to believe this though. Was Trig Palin born in a hospital or a home so that it could be faked?

If Bristol Palin is the real mother, was she confined to a home during the final stages of the pregnancy so that no body will notice her bump?

Too many questions and doubts swirling here.

I have covered another piece about this controversy here

    13 Responses to “Sarah Palin Grandmother”

    1. Beverly S. Hill says:

      Trig was born in an out-of-the-way rural hospital in Alaska AFTER Sarah claimed her water had broken, continued to make a speech and made an 8-hour flight from Texas to Alaska. She went back to work 3 days after the baby was born! Bristol was absent from school from 5-8 months, allegedly for Mono. Pictures of Sarah taken weeks before the birth have her looking like she weighs about 100 pounds. Pictures of her when she was REALLY pregnant, look like a woman who is REALLY pregnant.

      Downs Baby? I’m thinking a little case of incest may be at play here. The “First Dude” Todd has a stunning reputation for being a Ladies Man.

      It wouldn’t be the first time. And it damn sure won’t be the last!!!!!!!!!

    2. SRFountain says:

      Dear lord. That is Sarah’s baby. Do you people have nothing else better to do? Are you kidding me with this incest crap? Trig has Downs syndrome. Sarah set aside selfishness and gave that little boy a chance at life. Even if it was Bristol’s baby, Sarah did what any decent mother would do, and protected her daughter. Back off and get a life.

    3. johnny says:

      So she wore an empathy belly for the photo.

      Apparently she didn’t bother to wear it on the plane because the crew all swear she showed ZERO signs of being pregnant. She didn’t wear the belly during her coffee guzzling hike to the state capital either. Caribou Barbie might be power hungry but she’s still an amateur.

    4. SRFountain says:

      Caribou barbie? Your so sharp…

    5. SRFountain says:

      Do you know for sure this is what she wore in this picture? Have you seen a recipt for one? Im pretty sure she did NOT wear a fake belly. Have you seen how big and bulky they are? I would think all of that extra BULK would draw some attention away from her “fake” belly.
      There is obviously too much change for you people. A woman as VP? Quick!! Find some dirt! I will say this, It will not take the spotlight away from Obama and the Jackass remarks he and his “Spiritual Leader” have made. Not to mention his ignorant narrow minded wife. Sarah may be an amateur, but I believe in her more than I do Obama.

    6. BabyGirl73 says:

      Now let me get this straight SRFountain, your saying that lying to the WORLD saying that your the mother of your unwed daughters child, because the baby has down syndrome and that your daughter maybe embarrassed, is what a “family values”, pit-bull with lipstick (hockey mom), decent mother would do? Your praising her for lying to the world, hiding the truth, teaching her children its ok to lie and mislead as long as you get what you want. I think you must be apart of the political machine, because I dont think anyone could be that stupid.

      Are you one of the people that are praising her for being a small town Mayer- now Govenor, but rebuking the West Virginia mayor a few weeks ago for the same aspirations, or was that just because he was a democrate? Are you one of the head held high republicans that are praising her about staying with her possible 2X pregnant daughter, but was calling for the whereabouts of Jamie Lynn Spears parents? or Are you just an ignorant part of the political machine that says this is sexism to ask her these questions, but when similar questions were asked about Hillary and she used sexism as a defense , she was belittled as being not being able to play with the “big boys”?

      Palin has done some good things, then again she has done some stupid things too.Censorship of the library while she was mayor.. stupid … staying in Texas after her water broke to give a speech and then take a 12 hour non-direct flight back to Alaska (for most when their water doesnt break until they are almost 9 centimeters dialated and even then the baby could come anywhere between 15 minutes to 72 hours.. so for her to take a flight ,even with the doctors concent and who the hell was that doctor and did anyone check his licsense, for a high risk pregnancy due to her age and the special needs for her child, (what they dont have hospitals in texas; No wait its because she didnt have medical coverage), not alert anyone on the flight, put everyone on board involved in what could have been a crisis… stupid, having your teeenage daughter get pregnant for the second time in less than two years and not taking her to some kind of head shrink stupid … being in the right place at the right time great. Trying to get that abusive idiot brother – in law fired – great, the man is a serial killer on the way he shouldnt be in law enforcement.

      Now Im not sure about you SRFountain but all of my leaders dont speak for me, George Bush sure as hell doesnt, I prefer the words to come directly from my mouth so as for Obama’s “Spiritual Leader” he has already appologized and spoken on that matter so to continue to link them is in fact the political machine. As for Mr and Ms Obama I havent heard any ignorant, narrow minded or jackass remarks as of yet … however if you have any direct knowledge please share. I tried to google it came up with nothing. I have heard and read some of McCain’s remarks – giving cancer to the middle east in the form of cigarettes the US no longer buys, dont know how many homes he owns, forgetting what state he is in, or even which group he is talking too. My favorite add is when he speaks about the Obama’s $1Mil home and compared that to his half brother in Africa – well in Africa that is a pretty good home and since McCain doesnt even know how many homes he has how do we know what they are all worth? … the list goes on.

      Either way I’m still unsure and await the debates … no ear pieces please, with someone on the side telling you what to say …(like George) … just real talk with them and the USA, no media censorship that both sides are now guilty of, true cgaracter will prevail … and the stupid will be hammered.

      Oh yeah, if we can call for the impeachment for Bill Clinton for lying about getting a BJ then what should be Sara’s punishment for lying to us about being a “family values”, “America First” politician …. clearly its not USA first when you lie to us (USA First – McCain’s campaign slogan).

    7. SRFountain says:

      Wow, all of this rambling on and on. Are you a politician? Such thin skins. All I am saying is, Trig is Sarah Palin’s son, Bristol is pregnant for the first time. As for lieing, there was nothing to lie about. Trig is SARAH’S!!!! And yes I praise her for being a small town MAYOR- now Gov. She doesnt take any crap.

      As for ignorant remarks how about all of this “change” he speaks of. The only thing that is going to “change” is his mind. That man cannot make a decision and stick to it. Michelle has said that finally for the first time in her life she is proud of America. What? Because her black husband is running for president now she is proud? Political machine? Give me a break. Sarah is a breath of fresh air, just what we need.
      And do not put words in my mouth. I said nothing about not likeing Obama or any other democrat because they were democrate. I am all about seeing the first African American president. It does not matter the color of his/her skin. What matters to me is what they are going to do for my country. And as of right now miss babygirl73 I am not impressed with Obabma.

    8. akguy says:

      Hey SRFountain,
      Looks like you were takin’ a beating. Good for you to stick up for Palin. She is a good woman and a good mother. I dont like political stuff, but from what I hear and see about her I like. And Baby g whatever the heck your name is back off and stop putting words in peoples mouths. Chill out would you? You took everything she said and twisted it. Now girls (baby) stop fighting and move on!

    9. haemer dunk says:

      You’re all being played by her handlers. Invoke a controversy right off the bat so that people will look past her weak credentials, tendency to run her government in a Tammany Hall fashion and the fact that there are literally hundreds of better qualified running-mates for McCain. Then, when there’s blowback because of how a pregnant kid (and underage) seems to cast a pall over the whole family-values shtick, bolster more controversy over whose kid is whose. None of that matters; Trig may very well be Bristol’s (drinking and partying can’t be good for fetal health), but the fact is Palin is only getting a shot as VP because McCain saw a chance to exploit “Identity Issues” in the wake of Hilary’s defeat. She’s undereducated and bombastic, without the decency to be a hypocrite and let her kid have an abortion, or at least tell her about something called birth-control.

      Go ahead, elect these incompetents during a military/financial/cultural crisis. China, India, South America are all on the ascendant, oil’s running out and world opinion ranges between repulsion and loathing for the country that once believed itself to be moral and disinterested enough to impose a new, enlightened form of governance on the world. I say that the best part about democracy is you always get the government you deserve.

    10. Observer1 says:

      Just be patient. It has taken some time, but the Truth will be known.

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