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VIDEO- Shaq Sings To Justin Bieber

Shaq sings to Justin Bieber? Kind of a weird thought, don’t you think? It’s not every day an NBA star sings to someone likeJustin Bieber still, it’s true.  On the show Shaq vs… he will feature Justin Bieber.

Bieber’s been busy.  When Twitter rumors have him smoking weed, and he’s also paying visits to Rob Dyrdek and his smokin hot rapping receptionist/Maxim model Chanel – he’s getting sang to by athletes.  Must be nice to be him! Not only has he rubbed elbows with athletes, but he’s also met Obama, sang at the Olympics, and is loved by almost every tween from the US and Canada.

The video is hilarious.  What do you think? Does Justin Bieber have some serious competition on his hands? Next, we would like to see Justin Bieber go one on one and see who would win that game (as if we had to ask!)

Here is the link to the YouTube video

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