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Rudolph Giuliani Daughter Arrested: Caroline Giuliani a Shoplifter?

Caroline Giuliani, the daughter of former NYC mayor Rudolph Giuliani, was arrested for…get this…shoplifting.  The allegations claim that Caroline Giuliani was at a Sephora store when she decided to steal some makeup (that is the only thing they sell at Sephora – makeup, perfume, etc). 

Store managers were insistent on pressing charges. The New York Post reports that several high ranking officers were sent to the scene.

What baffles me is that Caroline is a student at Harvard. Shouldn’t she know better than to shoplift? If she can afford Harvard tuition, surely she can afford a $30 compact of makeup? (there’s no word on how much she allegedly stole or tried to steal).

Perhaps it’s a feeling of entitlement – being above the law. Or maybe it’s a rebellion against her once tough-on-crime father. Who knows. Maybe she will one day get to share a jail cell with Lindsay Lohan.

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