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The Real Housewives of DC: Michaele Salahi Auctioning White House Party Crasher Dress (PHOTO)

The Real Housewives of DC is set to premiere soon, and Michaele Salahi is one of the cast members.  Does the name sound familiar? If so, it’s because she’s one of the infamous DC party crashers. In December, she and her husband went – uninvited – to a White House dinner party and even shook hands with the president.

As it turns out, the camera crew of Bravo’s new series was nearby, ready to tape the action.  The Salahis are featured in the new franchise series, taking place in DC.

Coincidentally (or not) Mrs. Salahi is auctioning off the red dress she wore to crash the party. She’s going to give the proceeds to charity – and the auction is close to the premiere of the series.

Should she do this? Shouldn’t we be frowning on what they did – either staging a crashed party or actually crashing a party? If we don’t want a million “balloon boy” incidents around the country, we need to stop reinforcing people’s odd behavior. Many times they are only trying to get a reality TV show deal.

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