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Lady Gaga Cocaine and Drug Use Confession

Lady Gaga admitted to cocaine and drug use! The artist who is dubbed our modern day Madonna admits that she has used cocaine in the past, and is an “occasional” user now. To Gaga, “occasional” means that she partakes in the partying about a couple of times per year.

Gaga also claims that she’s “terrified” of heroine. The hardest drug she’s using is cocaine…and she doesn’t use it all the time.

Her shocking confession has many wondering one thing: is “occasional” drug use actually possible? I mean, if you got caught with cocaine or under the influence, would it make your case any better if you just claimed to be an “occasional” user?

Still, others thing that since you can occasionally have a drink without being an alcoholic, you can use illegal drugs such as cocaine without being an addict. What do you think?

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