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Anna Nicole Smith Case – Jury Selected

Anna Nicole Smith passed away shortly after the death of her son, and shortly after the birth of her daughter.  Anna NicoleSmith had a long battle with drug addiction, that was evident to anyone who watched her in a video.  I remember watching the Anna Nicole show and actually getting sad because this beautiful woman obviously was having a hard time getting her life together.

The jury will include people who have worked professionally with mothers who were drug abusers.  The trial is a conspiracy trial over Anna Nicole’s death.  Those on trial include Howard Stern (not the DJ, the lawyer – her lawyer/boyfriend) and two doctors. They are accused of conspiring to give her large amounts of opiates and sedatives.

Anna Nicole’s baby girl, who was born shortly before Anna’s death, lives with her father.  There was a controversy over who was the father of the little girl, as Howard Stern claimed he was her father when in all actuality it was Larry Birkhead.

What do you think will come about the Anna Nicole Smith case?

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