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Comedian Bill Cosby Died? No, Cosby is not Dead in 2010!

Bill Cosby died? Another celebrity death rumor has hit Twitter.  Bill Cosby’s death would be a sad day and we are lucky that Bill Cosby did not die today.  The celebrity is a well-known comedian, and is best known for his role as Dr. Heath Cliff Huxtable in the 80’s sitcom “The Cosby Show.”   I also remember growing up on his standup comedy, and I remember his little act called “chocolate cake for breakfast.”

Cosby in recent years has been rather quiet. However, he’s still a funny guy.  He has issued rebuttals on the celebrity death rumors that involve him, just happy to be alive.  He’s even said to have a new iPhone app available, which gives people concert information among other things.

First, Justin Bieber smoking weed…now, Bill Cosby died…when will the Internet rumors cease? I don’t think they will stop any time soon, because people really believe them when they are released.

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    1. Susan says:

      Come on can’t believe EVERYTHING you hear…..


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