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Uneasy peace in Kashmir

Finally the Government of India has been able to resolve the Amarnath land issue with the Amarnath Yatra Sangharsh Samiti. It has been agreed that the Shrine Board will have complete authority over the much disputed land for the period of the yatra only.

With this solution the Sangharsh Samiti has suspended its agitation in the Valley much to the relief of everone. There was jubilation in Jammu as people defied curfew and took to the streets to express their acceptance of the decision. But there was some violence in parts of Srinagar where curfew had to be reimposed.

BUt the decision received mixed reactions from the political community. While LK Advani said that he was glad the Prime Minister had acknowledged his analysis of the issue and took sensible decision. The support from the National Conference was also unequivocal.

But it was Mehbooba Mufti of the PDP who expressed strong dissent. She was of the opinion that the decision was reflective of the Government’s sycophancy. She believed that the NDA had given in to the demands of the separatists (who are the Sangharsh Samiti I presume) and didnot listen to the majority. Well Mehbooba Mufti must ask herself if succumbing to the opinion of the majority would not have been pacifying the Islamic separatists.

And one is tempted to ask if the PDP’s very convenient pullout from the J&K Government when the situation regarding the land row got worse was not an act of cowardice. When Mehbooba Mufti walked to the LoC with the separatists was she not pacifying the them? And even now with her apparent rejection of the solution to the Amarnath problem is she not again doing the same boot-licking that she accuses the Government of doing?

The PDP’s position in this entire matter was always very inconsistent because it was during their governance in Kashmir that the land allotment was done. It is elusive as to why they would now oppose the very order they had passed in the state Assembly.

The Coordination Committee of the separatist leaders have decided to relax their strike for three days after which they will continue their protest against the atrocities in the valley and the arrests of prominent separatist leaders.

But it is good to see that the issue has finally been solved with the proposal of probably the most obvious solution to the problem. But then I donot think the NDA government can sleep yet. They need to be vigilant so that such mindless violence doesn’t happen in the Valley again.

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