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Android 2.2 Froyo Release Date – August 3 Starts Evo 4g Froyo Update

The Android 2.2 Froyo release date for HTC Evo 4g users is going to start being pushed out starting on August 3rd.  This means that Evo 4g users can look forward to getting the newest update to the Android OS beginning next week.  Bear in mind that not all users will get the push at the same time, and some won’t get the upgrade until later next month.

Froyo is among the first mobile operating systems that has integrated flash support.  We all know how frustrating the Flash/iPhone saga has been.  Apple won’t add flash support despite the pleadings of app developers and iPhone users.

Other Android based cell phones will get the improved operating system as the manufacturers and carriers push them out.  Until then, they can enjoy their HTC Evo 4g with the 2.1 update.

Are you looking forward to the Android 2.2 Froyo release date for the HTC Evo 4g?

    2 Responses to “Android 2.2 Froyo Release Date – August 3 Starts Evo 4g Froyo Update”

    1. havek says:

      Ladies and Gentlemen…. Froyo is officially out! I have the EVO 4G and downloaded Froyo right from my phone. I have not seen any official news regarding the release but I did a manual update and there it was. Told other people who have the EVO and they too were able to download. So far I can say this: Some apps hung or were buggy (browser, sprint apps) and others did not respond to the touch command (messaging, boxing game). Did a restart and seems to be running w/out problems except for the browser. Using factory installed browser. Flash works like a charm, 100%!!! Speed increase is noticeable. Moving around is smoother and crispier. Just in case, the download was done today Aug. 3 2010. Tried with the HTC Hero and could not find the update. Both phones mentioned are on the Sprint Network. Hope you get yours.

    2. Mary says:

      I have 16 GB SD card (scan disk) and after I formatted (with card radeer on windows XP) the card to FAT32, I run android successfully.After reboot I started WM (Energy ROM) and when I try to run android again it stuck on boot screen (white screen with HTC in green).I need to reformat the card again, copy the android folder again and then to run android again.Is there a possibility to switch between Android WM without formatting the card every time?


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