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Blackberry 9800 Slider Release Date, Pre-Order, Features, Cost

The Blackberry 9800 slider is a highly anticipated RIM handset. As a Blackberry owner I can tell you that the 9800 slider will be of the highest quality, and will be a very dependable and responsive phone.  One retailer is already accepting preorders for this phone, and that’s Mobile City Online in NYC.   It’s estimated that the release date will be in late August.  The retailer has priced this AT&T locked device at $600.

The phone will run the BB OS 6, and the focus of this upgrade is multimedia playback.  The slider will have the physical features that we love – such as the keyboard and stable OS but will compete more with the iPhone and Android based smartphones.

The Blackberry is still the premiere business smartphone. However, RIM must keep innovation up if they want to continue competing successfully against the Android phones and the iPhone.

More will be announced about the Blackberry 9800 when August 3rd rolls around and BB and AT&T have their event in NYC.

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