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Palmdale Fire 2010 – A Horrific California Wildfire in Palmdale Evacuates Homes (VIDEO)

The Palmdale fire 2010 is underway, as a horrific California wildfire evacuated homes in the area along the Leona Valley.  More than seven square miles have been affected by the blaze, and nearly 1,500 homes are threatened.

At 6:00 this morning, there was no containment of the blaze as the flames kept shooting on and on. Nearly 7,000 acres were torched.
The California wildfires are scary each year.  The dry conditions coupled with the Santa Ana winds make the perfect conditions for a rapidly spreading inferno.  Homeowners in California always have the possibility of a wildfire in the back of their minds.

If you are in California, be mindful.  Don’t throw your cigarette butt out on the ground because it could start one of these horrible fires.

Currently, no injuries or fatalities are associated with the Palmdale Fire 2010.  Power has not been affected to areas outside the fire zone.

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