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X Games 2010, 16 Schedule

The X Games 2010 are taking place in Los Angeles July 29 through August 1 and it’s going to be a major event.  X Games 16 is in full swing, and those who love extreme sports are very excited about this year’s events. The Coliseum is the birthplace of supercross, and is also the landscape for the tournament for the past 7 consecutive years.

X Games 15 boasted higher ratings than ever last year, and as such coverage on ESPN of X Games 2010/16 is now expanded. Now, there will be about 10 hours of coverage as opposed to just a few in years prior.

Today, the X games will have plenty of skateboarding, BMX, and extreme sport action.  This of course is very exciting.  Coverage of the games will be on ESPN, and you can always head online to view updates if you are unable to watch TV or if your event isn’t covered.

    3 Responses to “X Games 2010, 16 Schedule”

    1. Emily Horner says:

      Where is the schedule?

    2. Robt Gilding says:

      How about the Xgames? Anyone experience the wipeout by Paris Rosen today? Apparently the commentators are broadscating that he is moving all his extremities. Everyone thought he broke his neck. Go check it out on vimeo. He didn’t begin the flip soon enough. It sure looked like he was done.

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