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Popular Gizmos, Go Get ’em!

Aditya Lalla (24)

I am looking forward to OLED — organic LED displays — because they are very thin, have good contrast, better colour and saturation. The Yoggie Pico is also something I am really excited about. It’s a USB dongle, which operates on Linux OS that offloads computer security features from the computer processor. It’s a useful product can you can take it anywhere. Also, I would love to have Casio Exilim EX-F1 digital camera. It has an ultra fast image sensor and can take 60 pictures in a second.

Kunal Jain (25)

I am looking forward to iphone’s official launch here. Although it’s available in grey mark, it is very expensive. The official price will also have a two-year contract with it. The other gadget I am interested in is a Sling box. The box acts as a medium to transmit network from cable wire to Internet. Hence, if I am abroad, I can still watch Indian serials or programmes.

Puneet Jhunjhunwala (23)

I am anticipating the arrival of mobile TV. I am usually on the move and love to watch TV. So, I can save movies or programmes and watch it while travelling, so I won’t miss out on much. I am also looking forward to hybrid car, which has high fuel efficiency.

Raunaq Sikka (26)

I am definitely looking forward to iphone’s launch. It’s a revolutionary phone with a totally different user interface. Once you use it, you would feel like burning and throwing all the other mobile phones. The other gadget that I liked is Panasonic’s HD camcorders. It’s small in size, has flash drive and has high definition resolution.

Rahul Talwalkar (35)

Though it’s not yet widely popular in India, I am looking forward to GPS system that can be installed in vehicles. It will really useful from the traffic point of view, as you will have the road map. The other gadget I liked is detachable tablet PCs from Samsung. The screen ahs in-built memory and has access to Internet. However, what makes it a worthwhile option is it’s small size and lightweight. So, if I am going somewhere, I just need to take the detachable tablet.

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