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Walmart Scanners Privacy Concerns – Could Retailer Track your Underwear?

Wal-mart scanners will be used with the new RFID tags.  Privacy concerns over how the scanners are used and what information is collected by the store are cited by consumer advocate groups.

Wal-Mart is putting new RFID tags on men’s clothing – including undergarments.  These tags help alert the stockroom when an item is sold to help them keep their stock levels optimal.  The tags are also said to be used to combat employee theft as well.

There are many privacy concerns.  First, the technology used to scan the ID tag could be used to get information from certain states’s drivers licenses. In addition, the tags – although removable – cannot be turned off.  Thieves could theoretically go around to homes with a scanner and find out what items people have recently purchased.  Not a big deal for underwear, but if the RFID tags are used on big ticket items it could become an issue.

The tags can also be used to track your location. If you don’t remove the tag, it can be located and your whearabouts will be known.
Many worry about this because wherever Walmart goes, other retailers are soon to follow.  In a matter of years, it could become so that no one has any privacy whatsoever, not even when they simply want to buy some underwear.

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